Christian History Made Easy

The history of Christianity is the story of reformers and revivalists, martyrs and crusaders. It’s the story of how the good news of Jesus has spread around the globe. It’s the story of God’s Spirit working through ordinary people in extraordinary ways. This story enables God’s people to read their Bibles better, to evaluate their beliefs more wisely, and to understand why other Christians do what they do.

In 12 one-hour sessions, this DVD-based study will help us reach a better understanding of the key events and people every Christian should know: among other things, the story behind St. Patrick, Martin Luther and Francis of Assisi; how we got the Bible that we read today; how Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches came about; the origins of our creeds, practices, and doctrines; and much more.

Rad Orlandi will facilitate this series, beginning on Wednesday, September 1 at 1:00 pm in Rm 101 of the Beacon Life Center. The series will run through November 17.

Please ORDER A PARTICIPANT GUIDE: “Christian History Made Easy” by Timothy Paul Jones – they are available from for $5.99 and other online outlets. Please contact the church office (878-1155) to sign up for the series!