Disciple I

Disciple I: Bible Study for Busy Lives

Disciple I is the starting point for the four-part Disciple series. For nearly thirty years, the original Disciple Bible Study has helped millions of people read through the Bible and grow their faith through a 34-week class. The new Disciple Fast Track study leads groups through the Bible in 24 weeks—12 on the Old Testament and 12 on the New Testament. Study manuals and videos give participants tools to absorb and retain what they learn about the Bible. Our church is forming Disciple Fast Track groups!

Main Features of Disciple Fast Track:            

  • Classes meet for a total of 24 weeks
  • 24 weekly illustrated whiteboard review videos
  • 24 new hosted videos to introduce you to the weekly session

DISCIPLE I TOPICS: Genesis thru Revelation

Old Testament: Sept.8 – Nov.24, 2021; New Testament: begins Jan 2022; (Wed.’s, 6:30 pm) Facilitators: Cherie Portinga and Kathy Megerle


Student manuals are available from Cokesbury.com and other online outlets; the course has TWO manuals (see below; approx. $13 each) for Old Testament and New Testament sections.