Walk With Veterans

“Walk with Veterans”  

an invitation to a journey

“Walk with Veterans, an invitation to a journey” follows the path we walked as children, when we left home to serve in our armed forces.  The journey continues through our life experiences.  It helps us better understand them.  It is especially helpful to those of us who were in combat.

The journey is a workshop-based experience based on the booklet, “Walk with Veterans, an invitation to a journey.” All materials are provided.

In each session we will watch a short video, review the booklet, then talk.  My presentation will take fifteen minutes.  We will stay as long as you want.

Our next workshop begins at 6:00 PM, Tuesday, August 17, 2021.  The sessions will be in Room 101 at the church in the Beacon Life Center.  Our journey will take six sessions.

Please call the church office to sign up.  It will be fun.  We will laugh.  We will cry.  It will be good.  Bring your spouse or BFF.  All are Welcome!!

“Walk with Veterans, an invitation to a journey” is a veterans’ ministry of the First United Methodist Church, 260 SW Prima Vista Blvd, Port St. Lucie, Florida 34983.  Phone number 772 878-1155.

If you have questions, please call,

Lynn Steele