Officers/Committee Members



Administrative Council:                                                                                                                           

Chairperson                                                                 Gary Stannis

Recording Secretary                                                   Kim Nelson

Pastors                                                                         Brian Carr & Evelyn Teran

Lay Leader                                                                  Gary Stannis

Lay Members of the Annual Conference                   Dan Michel, Kathy Megerle, Evett Simmons

UMW President                                                          Donna Beyer

Treasurer                                                                     Doug Peterson

Church Administrator                                                 Gladys Dolan

Board of Trustee Chairperson/President                     Fred Patterson

Finance Committee Chairperson                                Vince Stanavich

Staff-Pastor-Parish Relations Chairperson                 Carl Hensley

Membership Secretary                                                Kim Nelson

Financial Secretaries                                                   Linda Kroll & Millie Chamis

Congregational Care/Nurture                                     Marlis Spear

Children’s Coordinators                                             Erin Keelor & Holley Lane

Ark Academy Director                                               Dawn Stannis

Disaster Coordinator                                                   Gary Stannis

Discipleship                                                                 John Hyslop

Missions/Outreach                                                      Soraya Rooney

Witness                                                                       Janet Pederson

Worship                                                                       Elish Mancuso

Youth Director                                                            Pam Szymczyk

Youth Representative

Hispanic Ministry Representative                              Idelsa Suarez


Team Coordinators:

Congregational Care/Nurture                     Marlis Spear

Visitation Committee                                      Bill Bogley

WHY Coordinator                                          Dawn Ginter

Discipleship                                                    John Hyslop, Chairperson

Children’s Coordinators                                 Erin Keelor & Holley Lane

Youth Coordinator                                          Pam Szymczyk

Coordinator Young Adult Ministries              Pam Szymczyk


Missions                                                          Soraya Rooney


Witness                                                           Janet Pederson


Worship                                                         Elish Mancuso, Chairperson

Greeters                                                           Miriam Busch & Delores Bonello

Communion Coordinator                                Linda Kroll

Head Ushers – Traditional                               Bruce Huff & Jay McBee

OASIS                                    Ted Allender & Elaine Draus


Chairperson                                                     Carl Carter

Vice-Chairperson                                            Jeannette Owens

Delegate to Annual Conference         Evett Simmons, Dan Michel, Kathy Megerle

Lay Leader                                                      Gary Stannis

Class of 2018              Jeannette Owens         Rita Etherington         Dick Ruby

Class of 2019              Chris Harrison             Pat Necklen                 Carl Carter

Class of 2020             Marie Fox                        Rafael Quinones        Rubie Manwarren


Chairperson                                                     Brian Carr, Pastor

Lay Leader                                                      Gary Stannis

Class of 2018                          Elisa Groendyke       Joe Teague

Class of 2019                          Sue Weed                    Pat Orlandi                  Ed Rishko


President                     Jarmo Toivola

Vice President            Dave Delaune

Secretary                     Rich Necklen

Class of 2018              Judith Frederick       Peter Weed                 Dave Delaune

Class of 2019              Rich Necklen              Jean Gifford                Alan Etherington

Class of 2020              Jarmo Toivola            Neal Wilkins               Bill Hills


Chairperson                                                      Andy Speros


Financial Secretaries                                    Linda Kroll & Millie Chamis

Treasurer                                                          Carolyn Hamel

Head Counter                                                  Rubie Manwarren

Delegate to Annual Conference                Kathy Megerle, Evett Simmons, Dan Michel

Administrative Council                                Gary Stannis

Trustees Chairperson                                   Jarmo Toivola

Lay Leader                                                        Gary Stannis

Pastor Parish Chairperson                         Carl Carter

Church Administrator                                  Gladys Dolan

Class of 2018              Bill Bogley                  Andy Speros               Carolyn Hamel

Class of 2019              Ronda Cerulli           Jay McBee

Class of 2020              Fred Patterson         Dionisio Aponte        Dana Heath