Pastor’s Message


My Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Welcome to October. I can’t believe I just wrote that. I am startled each time I write these monthly newsletter articles. I am astonished at the speed of life which frankly seems to me to be much faster than the speed of light. Or am I just getting old? With the seemingly exponential increase of the speed of life with each passing month it inspires and convicts me to make the most of my time here on earth – to make the most of our gifted time for the furthering of God’s Kingdom.

We have at least three big events this month at FUMC to make the most of our gifted time for the furthering of God’s Kingdom right here in Port St. Lucie. The first big event actually started this past week with the arrival of more than 43,000 pounds of pumpkins. Yes, you read that right – 43,000 pounds of pumpkins. That’s alotta pie!!! Not only does selling pumpkins raise money for our youth group to impact the world through their mission trips but it also provides us with a low-stress way to bring friends, family and neighbors to our church for perhaps the very first time. There are still plenty of slots left for volunteering and even more slots for just coming, hanging out, befriending folks who visit our church and perhaps introduce them to their new family in Christ. Please see Pam Szymczyk for more details and more opportunities.

On Saturday, October 6th, (which don’t look now but that is next Saturday) we have our Second Annual Golf Tournament sponsored by our Missions Team. The proceeds from this golf tournament will go primarily to help homeless children here in St. Lucie County but also to several worthwhile, heart-warming missions locally and internationally. There are full details of this event inside this newsletter but there is still time for us to make the most of this event by inviting folks to come and play golf, by bringing in gifts for the silent auction, by bidding on gifts at the silent auction, by making reservations for lunch in lieu of playing or by starting now to learn how to play golf. I will be one of those eating lunch and bidding on silent auction gifts. No sense in destroying the game of golf at this stage of my life…

The third big event of October is our Fall Festival on Saturday, October 20. This is one of the best events all year for us to invite folks who may be wary and afraid of church to come and see our church in action. Inviting is great but inviting and then bringing them with us is even better! Be thinking and praying now about whom we can invite and bring with us to church on that day. Everyone in our church is needed here that day so that by working together we can demonstrate the love of Christ for the world as folks descend on our property for perhaps the first time in their lives, for perhaps the only time in their lives, for perhaps the one time in their lives. Please read more and see Janet Pederson for more information on how you can help out with the Fall Festival.


In our recent foray into England to learn more about John Wesley and those early Methodists we didn’t hear about John walking the old course at St. Andrews or even selling pumpkins but we did learn time and time again that he and those early Methodists would go to unfathomable lengths to meet people where they were, even going to coal mines at 4:00 a.m., to introduce them to Jesus. How far will we go? I look forward to seeing you this month as we impact the world together for Christ.

May GOD richly bless you as you richly bless all those around you by living, loving and leading like Jesus.

Pastor Brian