May 3-5

On Mission Together Weekend



Our mission team is making plans for travel to Cuba in November. We are collecting the following requested items for our sister church in Cabezo to benefit the children: backpacks, pens, markers, vitamins, baseballs, soccer gear, balloons and clothing (all children’s sizes). We hope you will join us in the spirit of FUMC giving for these deserving and needy children. Containers will be available in the church office. Thank you for your continued support to this Mission, Sandra McClure, Cuba Missions Coordinator, (772) 336-0307


Haiti Mission Update

Since the first exploratory mission trip to Haiti in 2008, Gary Stannis has had a heart to help. The Christian Alliance Church in Limonade, Haiti was only 4 walls with no hope of completion at that point of time and the Christian Alliance School was not in existence. The first Mission Team went to Haiti in 2009 and from that point of time the mission has grown. This includes helping to complete the building of a church and start a Christian school. The Christian Alliance School initially had 25 students – today 300 students attend the school with more to come as the recent completion of the second floor on the school building. A 7th grade class was recently added and the school provides education now from pre-school through the 7th grade.

Classroom, clinic and library are envisioned for that new addition. Pastor Bazile was instrumental in getting the work completed as the Mission Team had to return home early due to the violent civil situation in Haiti on their recent February trip. The next mission trip is expected to happen in the fall or winter of 2019 if the civil situation in Haiti has quieted.

Currently individual members from our church sponsor 120 children out of the 300 students in attendance at the school. At this time approximately $3,000 a month helps to provide minimal teacher’s salaries, food, administrative costs, health checks for the children, etc. but as in any ministry more help is always needed. Prayerfully consider sponsoring one of God’s kids!

If you are interested in participating in the next mission trip to Haiti or wish to sponsor a child please contact Gary Stannis at (772) 971-0241 or Deborah Galtere at (561) 267-3350.


The wheels on the bus go round and round….and carried an enthusiastic group of FUMC members to the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home in Enterprise, FL for their annual Day On Campus which was held on Saturday, March 16th.  A total of 32 members traveled by bus, car or van to support this great event. The Children’s Home was established as an orphanage in 1908 by Florida Methodists. By the 1950’s it changed it’s emphasis to care for abused, abandoned, neglected or desperate children.  Boys and girls are accepted without respect to race, creed or national origin.  The staff at the school are competent and dedicated professionals who share responsibility for caring for the children 24/7. This beautiful 100 acre Enterprise campus is located on Lake Monroe, 30 miles north of Orlando and future trips are being planned to provide opportunities for our church members to get to know this wonderful mission that is more than a 5th Sunday Offering reminder.

Missio Dei – God’s Work

Every week our church bulletin features the Vision & Mission of the First United Methodist Church.

“Shining the Light of God’s Love”

through Inspiring Worship-Personal Growth-Intentional Outreach

But as you have noticed in the picture above – there appears to be a piece missing – is it you? God calls each of us to worship Him, grow in Him, and reach out to our community and the world in His name!

I wish to invite the whole church to look upon 2019 as the year of:

In discussion with Pastor Brian and Assistant Pastor Rad, there are four areas of specific mission concentration for the Mission Team this year: The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home – Northport School – Methodists United in Prayer (formerly Cuba/Florida Covenant) – Haiti Mission (Christian Alliance School). This does not diminish the many other ministries in our church outreaches; but to narrow the focus of mission

concentration to ensure we are meeting our ministry obligations to these partnerships.

There are many opportunities and possibilities to help the Missions Team – pray, attend a retreat that is being planned, become a member of the Missions Team , serve on one of our

subcommittees, provide items or funds for planned outreaches, brainstorm, make phone calls, write letters of encouragement, etc. These are just a few of the ways you can help in doing God’s Work with Our Hands!

Contact Deborah Galtere, Missions Team Leader: email debgaltere@aol.com

 Haiti Mission Trip

January 2018