In September we were pleasantly surprised and delighted to receive a short visit from the pastors from our sister church in Cabezo; Pastora

Blanca and her husband Raceil. While here, they expressed their

profound gratitude for the timely arrival of the much needed food and

personal items our congregation collected and shipped to them. Pastora Blanca said They were in a critical food shortage state when the packages reached them. PTL!

     Plans have been made for a 4 day trip to Cuba in early November to assess the current conditions and the needs of our two ministries there. Pastor Brian, Rad, Pastora Nena, and myself will be taking several suitcases packed with your donations of food, clothing, school supplies, and OTC meds. We will continue to accept donations until the 5th of November.   Please note we are NOT accepting any clothing at this time. We are however in need of monetary donations to help defray the cost of extra baggage fees charged in getting our donations there.

     Please continue to pray for our churches in Cuba, and travel mercies for the November Missions trip. Thank you, Sandra McClure




The wheels on the bus go round and round….and carried an enthusiastic group of FUMC members to the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home in Enterprise, FL for their annual Day On Campus which was held on Saturday, March 16th.  A total of 32 members traveled by bus, car or van to support this great event. The Children’s Home was established as an orphanage in 1908 by Florida Methodists. By the 1950’s it changed it’s emphasis to care for abused, abandoned, neglected or desperate children.  Boys and girls are accepted without respect to race, creed or national origin.  The staff at the school are competent and dedicated professionals who share responsibility for caring for the children 24/7. This beautiful 100 acre Enterprise campus is located on Lake Monroe, 30 miles north of Orlando and future trips are being planned to provide opportunities for our church members to get to know this wonderful mission that is more than a 5th Sunday Offering reminder.


 Haiti Mission Trip

January 2018